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Employee Spotlight: Maria Canizales

In our continuing Employee Spotlight series, this month we are featuring our Staff Manager, Maria Canizales. Maria has been with Burgos and Associates since December of 2007 and since she has worn many hats. Maria started as a receptionist, got promoted to be a legal assistant for two of our attorneys and now she is the [...]

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New Years Resolution: Don’t wait to get an attorney.

The New Year represents a time to start fresh and create new goals and ambitions for yourself including getting the legal help you need. So, if you are in a situation where you need to hire an attorney, the beginning of a new year, is a good motivation to start with a blank slate. Many people are terrified of [...]

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DWI arrests up, but car accidents don’t fall

Drunken driving arrests in New Orleans have soared in recent years, but many observers have noticed that even though those arrests are up, car accidents involving drunk drivers remain unacceptably high. As you know, when drunk drivers hit the road, they often cause crashes that leave innocent people with serious injuries. And in too many [...]

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Surgical Errors: Painful, Costly Mistakes

The numbers are startling: about 2,000 patients from Louisiana to Maine and from Florida to California -- and everywhere in between -- have surgical materials left behind in their bodies after an operation resulting in a medical malpractice. The items left behind can include gauze and needles, but the most common surgical material left behind [...]

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Employee Spotlight: Shealyn Darda

To kick off our new Employee Spotlight series, we interviewed personal injury paralegal Shealyn Darda about her and what motivates Shealyn to provide the best possible service she can to her clients every day. What is your role at Burgos and Associates and what are your responsibilities? I am an assistant to multiple attorneys. I [...]

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7 Pasos para tomar después de un accidente de tráfico

Un accidente de tráfico es un situación muy difícil y le puede suceder a cualquier conductor debido a muchos factores. En todo accidente de circulación se corre el riesgo de sufrir daños materiales en los vehículos u otros bienes involucrados, y también lesiones o muerte de personas y hay que estar preparado. Qué hacer después [...]

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