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Mr. Mondino has been practicing as an attorney for more than 10 years and is admitted to practice in both Louisiana and New Jersey. A Native Bilingual Spanish speaker, Mr. Mondino concentrates his practice in the litigation, settlement negotiation, and trial of a wide variety of commercial, civil, and criminal cases in State and Federal court, including worker’s compensation, contract litigation, social security/disability litigation, and personal injury litigation, as well as immigration and criminal matters.

¿Eres un Dreamer en Nueva Orleans? Lo que necesitas saber después de que Trump puso fin a DACA

El Presidente Donald Trump anulo en la mañana del Martes 5 de Septiembre, 2017 el programa conocido por sus siglas en ingles DACA Acción Diferida para personas que Arribaron en la Infancia. Los beneficiarios de este Programa  deben tomar en cuenta la siguiente información: 1- A partir del 5 de Septiembre del 2017,  El [...]

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You Have Rights If Stopped By Border Patrol

Every day we hear something new in the news, or from a friend, about an immigration problem that started at a simple traffic stop. We have consulted with several individuals about these questionable or potentially illegal stops and have worked with them to obtain relief. Also, Attorney George McGregor previously wrote about what to [...]